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Israeli Piracy on the High Seas: Murder of Activists attempting to break the Siege of Gaza

June 1, 2010

The attack of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla by the Israeli Defense Forces and the subsequent killing of between 10-20 activists with upwards of 50 injured has sparked protests and outrage around the globe.  Israel has taken one more step down the road of de-legitimization in the eyes of the world.  Whatever the power calculations were made before the authorizing of this operation in the Israeli government and the IDF, it seems clear that the result has been to isolate Israel even more in the international community and take a step closer to joining the ranks of outlaw regimes the like of apartheid era South Africa and North Korea.  While Israel still enjoys the patronage of the most powerful state in the world, the US, it is steadily adopting an ever more untenable position.  US support is not indefinite and without some conditions, however modest these may be.  The way the Israeli government has been acting lately, with a total disregard to international law and conventions, with impunity to the human rights of millions of people stigmatizing them in the eyes of a vast majority of the world, and even with calculated snubs aimed at its US backer, it seems as if the leadership of that country has become completely blinded by its own hubris.  Israel’s nemesis may be coming sooner than later.

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