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Disqualifications of pro-Baathists throw Iraq into Political Uncertainty

April 27, 2010

The recent national elections in Iraq were heralded as another step forward towards building a strong and vibrant democracy in the country.   But the result of the election has thus far been a deadlock, with no clear winner and the likelihood of an inability to form a government by either Allawi, a former prime minister, or Maliki, the current prime minister.  The battle between the two major condenders for prime minister (though there are others) has been raging since well before the elections and the most recent episode has involved the “Justice and Accountability Committee” headed by a Ahmad Chalabi, a former CIA asset and cheerleader of the US invasion (and Maliki political ally), disqualifying 52 Iraqi politicians who ran in the elections, a move that would swing the balance from Allawi to Maliki ever so slightly.  Juan Cole sheds some light on the situation, as he usually does.

Disqualifications of pro-Baathists throw Iraq into Political Uncertainty.

It has been reported that the prospects for forming a government before September are doubtful, which is the time by which the US is suppose to scale down its military presence ( not counting mercenary contractors of course, which are never cited when troop figures are given).  It doesn’t take much to forsee a situation in which the US decides that it must maintain troops longfer and at a higher number in order to “maintain stability and security” in Iraq well in to the future.

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