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Obama and the US-Israeli Occupation

April 13, 2010

al-Jazeera English reports:

Expressing frustration over stalled Middle East negotiations, Barack Obama has admitted that Washington’s influence on the matter is limited.

The US president, speaking to reporters after hosting a nuclear security summit on Tuesday, said he had little hope for swift progress towards Middle East peace, more than a year after taking office and declaring it a high priority for his administration.

US-led peace efforts have been stymied by a dispute over Jewish settlement construction on occupied Palestinian land that has strained ties between Washington and its close ally Israel.

Internal rift among the Palestinians has also posed challenges to the process.

“The truth is in some of these conflicts the United States can’t impose solutions unless the participants in these conflicts are willing to break out of old patterns of antagonism,” Obama told a news conference on Tuesday.

One would think that if the US was truly interested in ending the conflict in Palestine they would stop giving unconditional support to the Israeli state in whatever they do, including the giving of tens of billions of dollars (yes, that’s billions with 9 zeros) worth of military aid to the tiny pariah country, making its military more formidable than any in the NATO alliance (outside the US of course).  Without the unconditional support that the US gives to Israel, one would also assume that they would be forced to negotiate and live with their neighbors in some kind of coexistence, instead of imposing the perpetual military solution that has resulted in the West Bank and Gaza being occupied for 43 years now.  Without the support of the Imperium in Washington the Zionist regime in Israel would not be able to perpetrate the crimes of occupation and colonial expansion that has become the defining character of its existence. 

The ongoing occupation must be seen through the lens of implicit and explicit support from the US .  Without this support it would not be possible!  When Obama says, “The truth is in some of these conflicts the United States can’t impose solutions unless the participants in these conflicts are willing to break out of old patterns of antagonism,” we must confront him and his apologists with the facts.  The Israeli occupation has always been and will always be a joint US-Israeli occupation.  The moment the US decides that it does not want to continue the status quo in Palestine, the correlation of forces will drastically alter and a resolution of some sort will be inevitable.  This does not mean it would happen instantly, but rest assured, the logic of the situation would necessitate Israel to come to some accommodation suitable to the Palestinians or else be faced with the prospect of losing all remaining support in the world.

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  1. JRicht permalink
    April 14, 2010 17:27

    While reading a Spanish newspaper article on the topic of the nuclear disarmament summit I came across a comment that someone posted that I found particularly interesting. More or less the comment translated to something like, ” If they really wanted peace between Palestine and Israel they should allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons, everyone would stop fucking around real fast.” Though it’s a bold statement it kind of brought an amused smirk to my face. Obviously it’s not a solution Washington would allow, but if you’re really looking to solve problems sometimes you have to think out of the box.

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