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The Coup Continues in Honduras

April 8, 2010

Despite what Hilary Clinton, the World Bank, the IMF, and the Inter-American Development Bank might say, the new Honduran government of Pepe Lobo is nothing a continuation of the pervious coup regime that toppled democracy in the Central American country last summer.  As this clip from the Real News documents so well, Honduras remains a country were opposition to the coup and its supporters can come at high costs, including one’s life.  Perhaps the only positive to come out of the ongoing crisis in Honduras is the continuing opposition to the US position of support for the coup backers and the subsequent Lobo regime by much of Latin America.  The fact that this opposition is not just limited to the vocal opponents of US imperialism such as Venezuela, Bolivia, and Cuba, but also is coming from Brazil and Argentina among others, is a sign of the continuing divergence of US and Latin American states.  Imperial control is weakening in some important areas (Brasil’s continuing assertion of an independent foreign and regional policy would have been unthinkable even ten years ago before Lula came to power), but this only serves to make the US ever more aware of it.  The US will continue to try to reassert its control over the region, making the potential for future overthrows of democracy as witnessed in Honduras all the more likely.

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