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ei: Misrepresentation of Barak’s offer at Camp David as “generous” and “unprecedented”

April 8, 2010

ei: Misrepresentation of Barak’s offer at Camp David as “generous” and “unprecedented”

Background on the talks that took place between the Israeli and Palestinian representatives under US auspices at Camp David in 2000.  The common perception of the failed talks given by the media, the US, and the Israeli negotiators is that Ehud Barak, then prime minister of Israel, gave the most substantial offer that the Palestinians could ever hope to receive, but unfortunately his Palestinian counterpart, Yasser Arafat, walked away from the table.  This led the Israelis to claim they had no partner interested in peace.  Soon thereafter Ariel Sharon made his contravestial visit to Haram al-Sharif, the third holiest sight in Islam and known to Jews as the Temple Mount, with “over 1,000 member of the Israeli occupation forces and Israel’s use of live ammunition against Palestinian protesters the next day.” The second Intifada erupted the next day in response.

The reality of the situation is more complex and certainly not as one-sided as presented in conventinal account.  See the link above from Electronic Intifada to get the full picture of why Arafat was forced to walk away from the negotiating table.  Israel and its US overlord are not interested in a viable independent Palestinian state.  Fortunately the world is taking notice and Israel is following the path of South Africa to becoming a pariah state and an apartheid society, both in its control of the Occupied Territories and, more invisibly, within Israeli society itself.  Jews are first class citizens, will the large Arab and Russian populations receive second class treatment, despite being Israeli citizens.  When one-fifth of the population of a country is not entitled to the same rights as its other members, it is only a matter of time before they revolt.

For more info on what was really offered at Camp David see these sources:

Was Arafat the Problem? – Robert Wright, Slate

Fictions About the Failure at Camp David – Robert Malley, NY Times

The real deal: Israel’s view that Arafat missed a chance for peace under Barak is dangerously deluded – Ewen MacAskil, The Guardian

Blinded by the Truth – Noam Chomsky, Al- Ahram Weekly

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