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Potent Quotable

April 3, 2010

To politicize the masses is not and cannot be to make a political speech.  It means driving  home to the masses that everything depends on them, that if we stagnate the fault is theirs, and that if we progress, they too are responsible, that there is no demiurge, no illustrious man taking responsibility for everything, but that the demiurge is the people and the magic lies in their hands and their hands alone.  In order to achieve such things, in order to actually embody them, we must, as we have already mentioned, decentralize to the utmost.  The flow of ideas from upper echelons to the rank and file and vice versa must be an unwaverying principle, not for merely formal reasons but quite simply because adherence to this principle is the guarantee of salvation.  It is the forces from the rank and file which rise up to energize the leadership and permit it dialectically to make a new leap forward.

Frantz Fanon – The Wretched of the Earth

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