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Marx’s Capital with David Harvey

February 21, 2010

I just picked up David Harvey’s latest book A Companion to Marx’s Capital from verso.  The book is based on the famous lectures that Harvey has been conducting annually on  Capital vol. 1 for the past 40 years.  True to its’ title, the book is not so much an interpretation  or introduction as it is a companion to the text for anyone who seeks to navigate it.  For those who are interested Harvey has also just made available a complete 13 lecture video series of the course available at , as well as other resources relating to his research and teaching.  Below is the first lecture in the series.  The production quality is quite high and the all the lectures are downloadable.

A Companion to Marx's Capital

As Harvey points out, nearly everyone has heard of Marx and Marxism/Marxists, yet there are a wide varitey of interpretations as to exactly what that connotates.  Harvey goes on to argue, rather convincingly, that whatever ones familiarity with Marx the best means of grasping his thought is to read his chief work in its totality.  Highly recommended for those seeking an understanding of Marx in his own terms.

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