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US Drone Attack Leaves At Least 4 Dead in Pakistan

December 27, 2009

A US drone attack has left at least 4 dead and many more injured in Pakistan.  Read the brief here.  Drone attacks in Pakistan have risen sharply since Obama has assumed office.  Pakistani intelligence officers said that the strikes targeted antigovernment fighters in North Waziristan, but according to al-Jazeera interviews with local officials all the victims were civilians.  It is worth noting that the US is not at war with Pakistan and that the two countries are officially allies.  The oft cited al-Jazeera/Gallup poll of Pakistanis that showed the biggest perceived threat to the country was the US by a wide margin is worth mentioning again. 

State sponsored terrorism is still terrorism, regardless if it is conducted by the US or not.  It is hard to imagine how the US strategy of bombing by remote control is going to solve the problems in Pakistan.  The one guaranteed result of these strikes will be to engender further hostility to the US and the governments that ally themselves with the imperium.

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