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Videos: Road and water restrictions in the West Bank

November 15, 2009

Two videos from al-Jazeera about the plight of Palestinians living under the Israeli occupation regime in the West Bank.  The first deals with the limitations Israel imposes on Palestinians freedom of movement access to transportation.


The second video deals with an increasingly important issue, that of access to water.  In the West Bank sever water limitations have been imposed on the Palestinian populations while access for Israelis is 4 times higher according to a recently published Amnesty International report on the situation.

For the Palestinians who have to live under the daily realities of the occupation life is simply not easy.  Any path to a prospective peace in Palestine will have to first deal with the basics of human dignity. Treating one group of people as a second-rate citizens, be it based on the nationality, religion, ethnicity, sex, or whatever, is tantamount to running an apartheid state.  It is not the basis for establishing peace, democracy, or anything positive to build on.  Until this underlying issue is resolved there will be no real peace.  People will only stand for being told they are inferior and treated as some sort of sub-humans for only so long.  Eventually and inevitably they will continue to rise up against it.

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