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Cancer rates rising in Iraq

October 13, 2009

The cancer rate in parts of Iraq have soared  the 2003 US led invasion.  In the province of Babil for example, the rate has risen close to ten times in the past three years.  What is behind the marked expansion in the rate of new cancer victims in Iraq?  Without a  thorough study of the situation it cannot be determined for sure, but almost all signs point to the US military’s use of depleted uranium.   See the video below

The newly documented cases of cancer in Babil was 500 in 2003.  By 2004 the cases had doubled to 1,000.  In 2008 it had climbed to 7,000 and it has already surpassed 9,000 this year alone, approaching 10 times the pre-war rate.  These are the hidden casualty figures of war.  The civilians who are forced to live through the carnage and destruction inevitably end up suffering the most from it.  Generals, politicians, and newscasters all try to distort reality by giving body counts and saying that all possible caution is taken in trying to prevent civilian casualties.  What a blatant distortion of reality, what a lie.  The US used depleted uranium all over Iraq and white phosphorous in the well documented assault on Falujah in april 2004.  Israel followed the lead of the Imperium and used white phosphorous in its war on the people of Gaza this past year.  The use of nuclear and chemical weapons by the use and its allies is tantamount to war crimes and those responsible should be prosecuted at the highest levels.  The tragic-comdey that is the occupation of Iraq has come full circle, a truly Orwellian farce of epic proportions.  Iraq did not possess the weapons to bring mass destruction and yet that did not prevent Iraq from being destroyed.  Those weapons were courtesy of the US imperialism.  When war is peace and freedom is slavery then it is only fitting that Iraq was destroyed for possessing weapons it did not have.  It is also fitting that the most violent country on the globe with the largest stock piles of the vilest weapons should be the one to accuse and then use those weapons against Iraq ostensibly for security, then for democracy, and then for freedom.  Doublethink at its finest.

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